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Richard Job


Receive 1% Cash Back Rebate!

Offer is for any New Construction or Builder Inventory Home.

Important Information Please read everything below.

Yes, I will offer you a "Cash" rebate on any new home purchase you make in St. Augustine / St. Johns and Duval Counties.

Here is how it works. I will give you 1% Cash Back at closing on any New Home Construction or Builder Inventory Home you purchase! This cash back rebate is good for any Condominium, Townhouse or Single Family Home. If you purchase a new construction home for $200,000 you will get $2,000 cash back! Purchase a new construction for $500,000.....get $5,000 back at closing. You can use this toward new furniture, landscaping or any upgrades for your new home. Free money in your wallet!!!!!!!

Under Construction                Builder Inventory Home

Here is the catch..........I must accompany you to all the new home sites and register you as my customer on your first visit to any new home development or builder!. By using me as your realtor I will give up a portion of my commission and Give you a CASH BACK REBATE at closing!

The onsite sale rep for the builder will not offer you a rebate!

If you visit the new home site by yourself the builder will not discount the price of the home to you for not paying out a commission. The commission is built into the price of a new home regardless if you use a realtor or not! By using me as your realtor it will not affect the price of the new home you are buying in any way! The price of a new home is not negotiable like in a resale. Plus the onsite sales reps work for the builder, they are looking out for the builders best interest. Don't you think it would be a good idea to have a realtor represent you. One who is on your side to look out for your best interest? I will be there to help you through the home buying process, to make sure everything runs smoothly all the way through closing.

You are making one of the BIGGEST investments of a lifetime. So use a realtor who will work to protect your interests and Give YOU cash back rebate at closing!

Offer is valid only if Florida Homes Realty and Mortgage receives at least a 3% commission from the builder or new home development.

Florida Statute Title 475  - Offer is legal giving full disclosure to all interested parties involved.

This cash back rebate will be entered as a credit to you from me on the HUD statement at closing.

Buying a new home on your own without using me as your realtor will cost you thousands $$$$$

Get more money in your wallet at closing ! CALL ME NOW!

CALL ME BEFORE SEEING ANY BUILDERS....Mention this Advertisement!

Richard Job / 904-209-7201